Concept in Europe

A unique idea created by enthusiastic experts developed in Europe's largest ice cream chain by professional ice cream producers.

The Farmhouse Ice Cream concept was created by enthusiastic experts who developed specialised recipes which guarantee a unique high-quality ice cream. Each farmer starting out receives more than 500 recipes.

In many European countries dairy farmers, and fruitgrowers alike are enjoying the financial success generated by making a delicious natural ice cream with their valuable products (milk and fruit).

Farmhouse Ice Cream is simply delicious!

The organization Farmhouse Ice Cream has developed special recipes which guarantee a unique high-quality ice cream. The ongoing development of recipes by the organization ensures that exciting new ice cream products are constantly available.

Farmhouse Ice Cream and Sorbet is particularly appreciated by top restaurants and generates great enthusiasm in the general public, who keep coming back to enjoy the "Farmhouse Ice Cream" experience.

Fresh products from the local region !

An unforgettable experience, achieved by using fresh products from the local region. A wide variety of flavours is available, all with excellent results.

This concept is recommended for both small and large farms.

Support from our experts

With the support of experienced marketers, farmers receive more value for their milk or/and fruit by selling Farmhouse Ice Cream to supermarkets, other shops and restaurants and by offering Farmhouse Ice Cream on the terrace at their farm and at events.

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