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Ireland - Thomas spotted an advert for ice cream making equipment from a Dutch company in the newspaper. As he was on his way to Holland on a scholarship for winning the Young Farmer of the Year award, he decided to make the company a port of call. He saw the equipment and the production, and returned to Waterford full of enthusiasm. Here Baldwin's Ice Cream was born.

Since 2006, Thomas has produced ice creams on site from the milk of his herd. He takes full part in farming, production, distribution and recipe development. Flavours include his own favourite Vanilla Madagascar, made with Madagascan vanilla pods, boozy Bailey's, Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate Chip, Strawberry, Honeycomb and Caramel Fudge. The best quality ingredients are sought out for flavouring, and local soft fruits which he uses for the strawberry ice cream and five different fruit sorbets. Chefs love Baldwin's Ice Cream, and often ask him to make specific flavours, which he can do because production happens in small batches.

You will find these lovely ice creams in restaurants and as scooped ice cream in cafes, and in 500mls tubs in retail outlets in the Cork and Waterford area. Larger quantities available for the catering industry.

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Farmhouse Ice Cream Baldwin's Ice Cream

Quality award for outstanding production

Germany - Schuchert farm in Steinberg has it in black and white: In 2009, the farm was the best marketer in Freistaat Bayern. During Milchtag in Erfurt, the family was recently honoured with the "certificate for outstanding product quality". Their Bauernhofeis, which the Schuchert familiy have been producing since 2004, scored especially well.

Farmhouse Ice Cream Quality Award

Innovation Prize Cheque for €2000,-

France - Karine Laurent and Leportz (La Ferme de Kerliezec) produce high quality ice cream with milk from their own cows. They received this innovation prize from the French bank Crédit Agricole in Quimperlé.

Innovation Price

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